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Selling K’Nex online needn’t be stressful or complicated. We’ve made it fast and easy to sell your K’Nex parts online.

Best place to sell K’Nex online

You may be wondering where to sell K’Nex sets online for maximum profit and minimal effort. You’ve come to the right place, using our simple form you can get a price instantly. Do you want an easy process and fast funds? If so, do it right here and you won’t regret it.

Auction sites can be stressful and time-consuming, with seller fees, postage rates and unpredictable buyers who may mess you around, pull out or keeping you waiting for payment, or people just want your K’Nex for peanuts.

Opt for an easy life by shifting your stash on Knex.Parts. It’s such a speedy selling experience you’ll be left with bags of time on your hands to find a new hobby!

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How much can I sell K’Nex for?

If your roller coaster building days are well and truly over, you might find yourself asking, “Exactly how much does used K’Nex sell for?”

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to that question, as it all depends on the quantity you have and what kind of K’Nex parts you wish to sell.

However, there is a quick way to find out how much your personal K’Nex collection is worth. When you sell K’Nex with Knex.Parts , we will give you a quick quote to make things clear and simple for you. We always endeavour to offer you the best price we can for used K’Nex, so you can be assured that you’ll receive a tidy sum for your unwanted parts.

How do I sell my K’Nex?

Using our really simple form either choose to sell by weight or by part.

By Weight

Selling by weight is incredibly simple, just bag up your K’Nex, put it on the weighing scales and select your weight from the dropdown.

By Part

If you want the best price then choose sell by part it involves that you count the parts you have and specifying them in the table below, that way we can give you an accurate price for your parts.

Its that simple!


Get Started!

How do you wish to sell your parts?

It doesnt have to be accurate the closest weight will be fine.

Image Part Name Qty
Angle Grey ConnectorAngle Grey Connector
Black Round ConnectorBlack Round Connector
Black Long Rod 190mmBlack Long Rod 190mm
Black Rod 16mmBlack Rod 16mm
Blue O RingBlue O Ring
Blue Rod 54mmBlue Rod 54mm
Brown ClipBrown Clip
Metallic Blue Circle Angle ConnectorMetallic Blue Circle Angle Connector
Glow-In-The-Dark Green ConnectorGlow-In-The-Dark Green Connector
Green ConnectorGreen Connector
Green Flex Rod 190mmGreen Flex Rod 190mm
Green Rod 16mmGreen Rod 16mm
Grey Angle ConnectorGrey Angle Connector
Grey Corner ConnectorGrey Corner Connector
Grey ClipGrey Clip
Grey O RingGrey O Ring
Grey Long Rod 190mmGrey Long Rod 190mm
Grey Rod 86mmGrey Rod 86mm
Grey ConnectorGrey Connector
Black Half ClipBlack Half Clip
Purple ConnectorPurple Connector
Red Corner ConnectorRed Corner Connector
Red Medium Rod 128mmRed Medium Rod 128mm
Orange Track ConnectorOrange Track Connector
Orange Medium Rod 128mmOrange Medium Rod 128mm
Orange Track ClipOrange Track Clip
Green Track ConnectorGreen Track Connector
White Round ConnectorWhite Round Connector
White Rod 32mmWhite Rod 32mm
Yellow Rod 86mmYellow Rod 86mm
Yellow ConnectorYellow Connector
Light Green ConnectorLight Green Connector
Blue Circle Angle ConnectorBlue Circle Angle Connector
Grey Double End ConnectorGrey Double End Connector
Orange Double End ConnectorOrange Double End Connector
Small Grey Rod 32mmSmall Grey Rod 32mm
Light Green Medium Rod 128mmLight Green Medium Rod 128mm
Light Blue Rod 54mmLight Blue Rod 54mm
Black Chain 32mmBlack Chain 32mm
Red GearRed Gear
Silver GearSilver Gear
Large Wheel TyreLarge Wheel Tyre
Medium WheelMedium Wheel
Small WheelSmall Wheel
Small Wheel TyreSmall Wheel Tyre
Medium Black PanelMedium Black Panel
Large Grey PanelLarge Grey Panel
Grey Small PanelGrey Small Panel
Blue Transparent Small PanelBlue Transparent Small Panel
Red Square PanelRed Square Panel
Grey Square PanelGrey Square Panel
Yellow Small PanelYellow Small Panel
Grey Mini PanelGrey Mini Panel
Red Mini PanelRed Mini Panel
Blue Transparent Mini PanelBlue Transparent Mini Panel
Small Gear GreySmall Gear Grey
Small Gear GoldSmall Gear Gold
Small Gear BlueSmall Gear Blue
Small Gear Black CapSmall Gear Black Cap
Small Gear White CapSmall Gear White Cap
Headtop YellowHeadtop Yellow
Lower Head BlackLower Head Black
Headtop BlackHeadtop Black
Headtop RedHeadtop Red
Middle Head RedMiddle Head Red
Middle Head BlueMiddle Head Blue
Middle Head GoldMiddle Head Gold
Middle Head SilverMiddle Head Silver
Headtop OrangeHeadtop Orange
Mini WheelMini Wheel
Sound Unit BlueSound Unit Blue
Cyber Knex ControllerCyber Knex Controller
Spring MotorSpring Motor
Blue Mini PanelBlue Mini Panel
Small Grey Square PanelSmall Grey Square Panel
Small Black Square PanelSmall Black Square Panel
Yellow GearYellow Gear
Hinge Black & Blue ClipHinge Black & Blue Clip
Hinge Green & Blue ClipHinge Green & Blue Clip
Dark Brown ClipDark Brown Clip
Ball End ClipBall End Clip
Socket End ClipSocket End Clip
Blue ClipBlue Clip
Green Mini PanelGreen Mini Panel
Red Small PanelRed Small Panel
Orange Small PanelOrange Small Panel
Large Black GearLarge Black Gear
Large Yellow GearLarge Yellow Gear
Small Gear Light BlueSmall Gear Light Blue
Blue Half ClipBlue Half Clip
Orange Half ClipOrange Half Clip
Red Half ClipRed Half Clip
Silver Half ClipSilver Half Clip
Fluorescent Orange Half ClipFluorescent Orange Half Clip
Green Half ClipGreen Half Clip
Gold Half ClipGold Half Clip
Purple ClipPurple Clip
Light Blue Circle Angle ConnectorLight Blue Circle Angle Connector
Black Track ConnectorBlack Track Connector
Grey Speckled Angle ConnectorGrey Speckled Angle Connector
Orange Angle ConnectorOrange Angle Connector
Fluorescent Green ConnectorFluorescent Green Connector
Gold ConnectorGold Connector
Fluorescent Red Corner ConnectorFluorescent Red Corner Connector
Unique Grey ConnectorUnique Grey Connector
2 Speed Motor2 Speed Motor
Motor BlackMotor Black
Motor GreenMotor Green
Purple Flex Rod 190mmPurple Flex Rod 190mm
Light Purple Flex Rod 190mmLight Purple Flex Rod 190mm
Black Sparkle Flex Rod 190mmBlack Sparkle Flex Rod 190mm
Large Orange WheelLarge Orange Wheel
Medium Wheel TyreMedium Wheel Tyre
Hub Racing WheelHub Racing Wheel
Racing Wheel TyreRacing Wheel Tyre
Sprocket GearSprocket Gear
Hub Racing Wheel BlackHub Racing Wheel Black
Cone GreyCone Grey
Cone RedCone Red
Cone YellowCone Yellow
Red Flex PanelRed Flex Panel
Yellow Flex PanelYellow Flex Panel
Clamp Large BlackClamp Large Black
Fluorescent Orange Rod 190mmFluorescent Orange Rod 190mm
Tan Rod 128mmTan Rod 128mm
Green Rod 128mmGreen Rod 128mm
Purple Rod 32mmPurple Rod 32mm
Black Rod 32mmBlack Rod 32mm
Red Flex Rod 86mmRed Flex Rod 86mm
Orange Fluorescent Flex Rod 86mmOrange Fluorescent Flex Rod 86mm
Red Fluorescent Flex Rod 86mmRed Fluorescent Flex Rod 86mm
Green Clip MicroGreen Clip Micro
Purple Connector MicroPurple Connector Micro
Red Connector MicroRed Connector Micro
Metallic Blue Connector MicroMetallic Blue Connector Micro
Black Rod Micro 14mmBlack Rod Micro 14mm
Yellow Rod Micro 25mmYellow Rod Micro 25mm
Red Rod Micro 63mmRed Rod Micro 63mm
Dark Grey Rod Micro 40mmDark Grey Rod Micro 40mm
Orange Rod Micro 200mmOrange Rod Micro 200mm
Red Rod MicroRed Rod Micro
Purple Transition Rod MicroPurple Transition Rod Micro
Green Transition Rod MicroGreen Transition Rod Micro
Blue Transition Rod MicroBlue Transition Rod Micro
Classic To Micro RodClassic To Micro Rod
Chain Micro 20mmChain Micro 20mm
Silver O-Ring MicroSilver O-Ring Micro
Orange Clip AngledOrange Clip Angled
Black End CapBlack End Cap

Total Price For Parts:

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