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As part of our ongoing effort to provide a comprehensive resource for K’nex enthusiasts, we’ve been steadily building up our collection of online manuals for K’nex building sets. Our collection is growing, but we recognize that there may be gaps in our coverage. If you happen to have access to a K’nex manual that is missing from our collection, we invite you to contribute to our site by submitting the manual using the form provided below.

Whether you have the manual file on hand or know where to find it online, we welcome your submission. We appreciate any effort to help us expand our collection and make it more valuable for K’nex builders everywhere. Additionally, if you happen to come across a K’nex manual on another website, please share the link with us so that we can add it to our collection and make it accessible to the K’nex community.

Please use this form to submit a manual if your looking for a manual please use the form on the instructions page,
Thank You

    If the manual is too large please use We Transfer and send it to [email protected]